When they take away our Knowledge, they take away our Freedom!

That's why we fight for Freedom Schools!

Our 9 Point: Freedom Schools Initiative

Mission Elect people to school boards, community college boards, and other educational groups that promote the Progressive values listed below.

  1. Invest in public schools, not jails Public Schools need more teachers, smaller classrooms, and better resources, and to give a second chance to those coming home from prison
  2. Fight for fact-based education Including the subjects of Evolution, Sex Education, and Climate Change
  3. Protect funding for a well-rounded education Including Civics, the Arts, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
  4. Protect education equality Including DACA students, Refugee students, trans bathroom rights; and combat gendered violence on campus, and ICE efforts to negatively affect families of immigrants
  5. Affordable and debt-free college Allow students to refinance student loan debt to take advantage of lower interest rates, and support debt-free college
  6. Universal and Affordable Childcare Make Pre-K, after-school programs and childcare universal and affordable
  7. Healthy Schools Support healthy school lunches and school breakfasts for low-income students
  8. Upgrade Middle Schools Aggressively support plans to upgrade and invest in middle schools, to prevent drop-out factories
  9. Prohibit Weapons on all school grounds, unless carried by law enforcement officials

Next Steps...

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