Blue Grizzlies Endorses Erika Alvarez @msalvarez4lausd

Erika Alvarez is a Latina, Indigenous educator, and is running to fill LAUSD School Board District 5.  If elected, she will shift the balance of power away from the Pro-Charter caucus, which currently has a 5-4 voting majority.

Blue Grizzlies wishes to endorseErika Alvarez for LAUSD5, because she is passionate, and cares about Los Angeles Schools.  She has proven that she is willing to work hard, and cross the aisle in order to get things done, and we encourage all voters in LAUSD5 to vote for her in the upcoming March 5th primary.

We recently discussed our shared values below.

What in your background will help you be a great public servant for LAUSD?

When I began my journey in education, I had ideas, and dreams. I wanted to change education and support my students in all of their pursuits. I wanted to be an excellent colleague that challenges and supports fellow educators. I wanted to completely overhaul education. Needless to say, I was ambitious. Then, I learned from the best educators I know, our students. And when it came time for me to decide to run for LAUSD school board I thought of my student, Danny, a gender non conforming person who came out in my class in my first year of teaching high school in LAUSD. They said to me, “Miss, I never would have felt safe enough to be me if you did not teach your classes the way you did”. The truth is Danny felt safe because his community held oppression accountable. And when we would not entertain those oppressions, our oppressors became our allies.  

Being a Latina, Indigenous educator taught me to be culturally responsive and that your communities sustain you. It taught me that support is vital.

My students taught me to analyze our intersectional oppressions. Our communities organized, mobilized, worked together to strengthened our voices. We saw all of the world with a social justice perspective. Therefore, I can truly say that we’re enlightened and we will only continue to elucidate the world.

These are dark times. Logic and public education are under attack. Privitatizion seeks to dim our shine. It seeks to exploit you and your communities. However, I offer a different solution. We need to create spaces to better what we already have. We have terrific public schools that will die without our community’s support. We have incredible parents, families, educators, teachers, and students. We need to hold all schools accountable in their responsibilities to sustain our communities. The Charter school role should not be to take away from our public schools; it should instead grow with the greatness that already exists in our public schools. Charter schools should not compete with public schools. They instead, should  collaborate with our public schools who can then inform them of the honored histories that have created our communities. Public schools are here for all students. They should be thusly fully funded and never left to fail.

I am seeking Blue Grizzlies endorsement because like you all, I am a parent fighting for education. My goal is to work with our unions to further mobilize and organize parents and teachers. We need to collectively demand the best for our students. I am seeking Blue Grizzlies endorsement because this isn’t just about a seat, its about flipping LAUSD’s Board so that it reflects the people it serves. I am committing to fighting against the privatization of LAUSD and holding everyone accountable. I want to be as transparent as our Board should be, I plan on staying at this seat for three terms to do what is necessary to support community schools. I am not a politician, I am a teacher and mother and no matter the outcome of this race, I plan to work with our union, community members, the state, our nation to save our public schools. This race and the ones after it should be decided by our communities. Parents like you power our communities and I humbly thank you for your consideration.


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