When President Trump first took office, he declared war on the America that we know and love.  He instituted a Muslim ban that attacked (among others) refugee students.  He ordered ICE to arrest thousands of undocumented immigrants, splitting up families, sometimes, in front of their children's schools.  And his Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos has refused to protect the Civil Rights of transgender children, as well as made it easier for predatory lenders to take advantage of college students.  Together, we must work to beat them, both in the court of law and in the court of public opinion.

In November 1919, when thousands of people were -- unconstitutionally and without warrant -- rounded up and deported by the U.S. Attorney General, he used the cover of irrational fear to ignore our Constitution and take away the basic freedoms afforded to all people, much like President Trump does today.

Now, in response to the unprecedented threat of President Trump's attack on our basic freedoms, we are recruiting those from all walks of life, ordinary people like you to organize actions in your community in support of our civil liberties, and our right to a good education.

Blue Grizzlies is launching a Freedom Schools Action Guide that will outline some of the major threats that members of our communities are facing as a result of the Trump agenda, and a way you can be part of the solution by engaging in grassroots action in support of a massive new initiative; a movement made up of Mothers and Fathers, from every state in the union.

We are a non-profit, and are part of the Action Group Network.  For all questions, please contact our main organizer, Richard Tucci.

What is the Freedom Schools campaign?

The Trump/DeVos administration is seeking to recruit, compel, cajole, and even intimidate local education officials to help them pursue his anti-education agenda.

In response to this effort and many other Trump administration plans that fly in the face of our Constitution and norms, Blue Grizzlies launched an ambitious campaign called “Freedom Schools.”  Activists are organizing in our communities to ensure that our local education officials protect – not threaten – our friends, families, and neighbors.

As part of this local grassroots strategy, Blue Grizzlies have identified areas in which municipal opposition to, or lack of cooperation with, the Trump administration will impede objectionable policies the president is pursuing.

Blue Grizzlies “Freedom Schools” plan brings local grassroots activists together and provides a blueprint for local-level campaigns -- in cities and counties -- to defend our communities and block the worst abuses of the Trump administration. These are campaigns that will generate victories in the short term even as we work towards comprehensive protections nationwide in the long term.

We’re counting on good-hearted volunteers like you to help local elected officials to adopt the Freedom Schools model state and local education policies and rules that will effectively counter or block cooperation with the Trump/DeVos anti-education and anti-humanitarian agenda.

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