Blue Grizzlies Announces Boycott of @GimletMedia

StartUp Podcast (by Gimlet Media) has launched a 6 episode mini-series on Success Academy, a Charter School network.  However, rather than focusing on the horrible truth behind Success Academy, StartUp has produced a glamorized puff piece, while ignoring the facts.

Alex Blumberg (CEO and alumni of This American Life) has turned his popular podcast into a recruiting tool for the destructive force of charter schools.
Success Academy has:
  • Forced Out Struggling & Disabled Students, allegedly to boost their own test scores (Gothamist News)
  • Been Under Investigation for Financial Issues and allegedly “losing” $25 million (Huffington Post)
  • Been Sued by Parents and the Government for Civil Rights Violations (Wall Street Journal)
  • Treated Children Like Robots with Dehumanizing and Militant Conditions (Gothamist News)
  • Paid the head of their Charter School Network $600,000 a year (Huffington Post)
We must take action to Invest in public schools, not jails; Public Schools need more teachers, smaller classrooms, and better resources, and to give a second chance to those coming home from prison.  Charters rob our public schools of that investment.

In order to show Gimlet Media and other companies that Charter School propaganda cannot be tolerated, we are asking you to boycott Gimlet Media, and Unsubscribe from their 24 Podcasts:

  1. StartUp Podcast
  2. The Cut
  3. Without Fail
  4. Homecoming
  5. The Horror of Dolores Roach
  6. Crimetown
  7. Heavyweight
  8. Reply All
  9. Sciece Vs.
  10. The Nod
  11. (More)
We also encourage you to leave a 1-star review as to why you are unsubscribing.

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