Blue Grizzlies Endorses Jess Phoenix @jessphoenix2018

Jess Phoenix is a Volcano Scientist, a non-profit founder, and a teacher.  Now, she’s running for Congress in CA-25, to out Republican Steve Knight, who has voted with Donald Trump 98.5% of the time.

Blue Grizzlies wishes to endorse Jess Phoenix for CA-25, because she is passionate, and cares about the future of this great nation.  She has proven that she is willing to work hard, and cross the aisle in order to get things done, and we encourage all voters in CA-25 to vote for her in the upcoming June 5th primary.

We recently discussed our shared values below.

What actions will you take in Congress to protect education equality?

Enshrined in our country’s founding documents are the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. To achieve those goals, all Americans must have access to high quality, public educations that are affordable and equitable. Our federal government has a vested interest in an educated population as we tackle the challenges of the future, and therefore it is incumbent on the federal government to assist local and state educational entities with support in whatever form is needed. This support can include providing grants, assistance with curriculum development, and ensuring that students, educators, and administrators all receive protection from discrimination and support to perform at their individual best level. I will also advocate for decoupling public school funding from property taxes, which is a system that enforces inequalities and keeps low-income students at a disadvantage.


What actions will you take in Congress to support Universal and Affordable Childcare?

60 percent of children in the US live in a home where childcare is a necessity because both parents work, or a single mother works, or a single father works. It is essential that the federal government take a larger role in helping parents secure affordable childcare in centers that are properly equipped to care for their children. A few options for federal subsidy of childcare include grants to states, savings accounts, and tax credits. A Childcare and Education Savings Account (CESA) model based on parents’ income taxes may be the most flexible model, but I want to explore state grants as an option as well. Tax credits may be a difficult route to take since the passage of the Republican tax bill in December 2017, so it’s most likely that the most immediate relief could be found through a CESA model that gives deposits federal subsidy money into accounts for parents to use throughout the year, and then with any remaining monies available for use for a child’s care or education until they reach adulthood. Most voters are in favor of additional childcare options as long as the government can pay for them, and I would look to funding from areas of the federal budget like the military, where bloat and overspending are rampant.


What actions will you take in Congress to aggressively upgrade Middle Schools, and prevent dropout factories?

I will support efforts to realign middle schools with K-12 educational goals, because the vision of the middle school has not been fully realized and the artificial separation of grades 6-8 is not supported by scientific reasons. This may include studying the implications of integrating schools with lower and higher grades, as well as other options. Additionally, I will introduce legislation that creates federal anti-bullying programs that are designed to change the social norms that lead to anti-social behavior and bullying. Stricter standards for schools that are measured through testing cannot be reached without corresponding increases in resources and training for teachers and principals, as well as support for the developmental needs of middle school children. I will work to provide federal-level support to help schools meet both the academic and social needs of children.

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