Blue Grizzlies Endorses Jess Phoenix @jessphoenix2018

Jess Phoenix is a Volcano Scientist, a non-profit founder, and a teacher.  Now, she’s running for Congress in CA-25, to out Republican Steve Knight, who has voted with Donald Trump 98.5% of the time.

Blue Grizzlies wishes to endorse Jess Phoenix for CA-25, because she is passionate, and cares about the future of this great nation.  She has proven that she is willing to work hard, and cross the aisle in order to get things done, and we encourage all voters in CA-25 to vote for her in the upcoming June 5th primary.

We recently discussed our shared values below.


What in your background as a scientist will help you be a great public servant in Congress?

Scientists in Congress will bring our training in the scientific method. This skillset shows us how to analyze all available evidence, and then use it to make truly informed decisions about complex problems. As a scientist, I am not afraid to admit when I do not know something, and I use all my research skills to become informed. I am also willing to change my mind when I receive new evidence. That will help me tremendously in Congress, since my efforts to gain buy-in from my colleagues will be based in fact.


Where do you stand on arming teachers, and weapons on school grounds?

I do not believe that we should arm teachers. As it is, teachers don’t have adequate supplies or training to do the jobs they are hired for. They are also very often underpaid and overworked. The amount of training a teacher requires to attain the level of proficiency with a firearm needed to keep a loaded weapon in a classroom full of children is far greater than any program that has been proposed. Adding additional weapons to a volatile situation like that involving a school shooter is a recipe for disaster. The only weapons on school grounds should be those kept by trained law enforcement officers who serve in the School Resource Officer capacity.


What actions will you take to invest in public schools?

I will introduce legislation that designates federal funds to support public schools in the context of national defense. We can allocate money from our national defense budget to ensure our students are well-educated and prepared to meet the challenges of a 21st century world. We need representatives who understand that education is the foundation of our country, and as an educator I am uniquely positioned to advocate for lasting educational initiatives from the federal level that will complement state and local efforts. Now is the time for increased educational funding and access, particularly if the United States wants to be competitive on the global stage for decades to come.



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