Call To Action: Call your Representative!

Who ya gonna call?

In July of 2017, Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), a former preschool teacher and school board member, called for a Department of Education official to be fired, after she made comments that appeared to doubt the legitimacy of “90 percent” of campus sexual assault claims.  She also called out the wreckless mishandling of the Department of Education under Betsy DeVos.

Other senators have sent formal letters regarding the Department of Education reckless mishandling of civil rights enforcement, which weakens protections for female students, students of color, students of various religions, and LGBTQ+ students.

She now faces bipartisan condemnation.

Now, we need to encourage more members of Congress to do more.  In a recent article, Salon magazine showed the number of Dept. of Education hires who have financial conflicts of interest, or engaged in hate speech.

We need to call on our Representatives to denounce the Trump/DeVos agenda, and investigate the Department of Education!

Step 1

Call your Congressional Representative, and encourage them to push for an investigation into the Dept. of Education.  Use this tool to find out who your representative is and call their office(s).

Ask them to Protect education equality Including DACA students, Refugee students, trans bathroom rights; and combat gendered violence on campus, and ICE efforts to negatively affect families of immigrants, and say that you want Betsy DeVos held accountable.

Step 2

Share on social media that the time for an investigation into the Department of Education has come.  Feel free to use one of our suggested Tweets below.

.@USEdGov must be investigated for corruption and #CivilRights violations.  #FreedomSchools #BlueGrizzlies

@FBI Please investigate Erik Prince & @BetsyDeVosED for Russia collusion, treason, graft, money-laundering. #FreedomSchools #BlueGrizzlies

I stay out of politics, but Betsy #DeVos letting universities choose whether or not to investigate rape makes me sick #InvestigateDeVosNow

Betsy #Devos says her office is no longer required to investigate civil rights complaints #SchoolToPrisonPipeline

.@BetsyDeVosED logic; if we don’t investigate civil rights abuses, the number of abuses declines. Children protected. #InvestigateDeVosNow

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