On our social media, Blue Grizzlies will promote Daily Actions, to call, e-mail, or tweet your elected officials.  Below is a basic phone script that you can follow.  It is outlined as a School Board member, but it could easily be replaced with Senator, Congresswoman, Superintendent, Mayor, or Governor.  Feel free to make it your own:

Staffer: School Board Member Nick's office, how can I help you?

Caller: Hi there, I’m a constituent of School Board Member Nick. I'm calling about an issue a deeply care about.

Staffer: I’m happy to take down any comments you may have. Can I ask for your name and address to verify you’re in the district?

Caller: Absolutely. [Gives name/address]. Can I ask who I’m speaking with?

Staffer: Yes, this is Marjory.

Caller: Thanks, Marjory! I’m calling to ask School Board Member Nick [TEXT FROM DAILY ACTION ITEM, i.e. "remove barriers to AP tests, and protect funding for a well-rounded education"].

Staffer: Well I really appreciate you calling and sharing your thoughts! I of course can’t speak for the School Board Member because I’m just a staff assistant, but I can tell you that I’ll pass your concerns on to her.

Caller: I appreciate that Marjory, but I don’t want you to just pass my concerns on. I would like to know what School Board Member Nick is doing to about this.  This is something I care deeply about, and will affect my next vote.  It is also part of the Blue Grizzlies "Freedom Schools" initiative, which I hope the School Board Member will endorse. 

[If they stick with the “I’m just a staffer” line, ask them when a more senior staffer will get back to you with an answer to your question.]

Staffer: I’ll pass that on.

Caller: I have some links as well, is there an e-mail I can send the information to?

Staffer: Yes, you can e-mail us at ______.

Caller: Thank you.  Have a wonderful day.

If they give it to you, take down the e-mail address, and send them the link from the Daily Action Item, and the link for http://BlueGrizzlies.com/


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